We collaborate with local and international SMEs on Developing Businesses
Royalty Consultants


Business Management Consultancy Services – Founded in 2012 and Based in Dubai – United Arab Emirates, to provide its clients with complete and high quality assistance, integrated approach combine insight and innovation from multiple disciplines with business knowledge and industry expertise to help our clients exceed their expectations.

Our main business focus is making returns by providing a diversified range of services to clients understanding the international marketplace. Where  complexities keeps small businesses from venturing beyond their borders. Royalty Consultants was established to work with small to medium sized business for success on an international scale.

Royalty Consultants combine international consulting skills with local expertise, innovation and creativity to develop the best solutions for our clients. Our approach combines a rapid diagnosis of the business issues pertaining to our clients with the execution of changes needed, aiming to transfer our skills and experience to our clients, thereby ensuring their sustainable business improvement.

With Confidentiality and Efficiency, we are proud to help business owners, Investors by creating, enhancing, and preserving their wealth throughout their company’s life cycle by applying a high level of technical skills, combined with professional knowledge and a sincere commitment to personal relationships and secrecy. We provide a range of management services to a local, regional and national clientele.

Working with leadership potential, integrity, a sharp analytical mind, creativity, and the ability to work with people at all levels in an organization. All Through a process were we are able to develop a customized approach, develop innovative solutions, make recommendations for improvement and offer assistance with, or take full responsibility for the implementation of each activity.

We go to extraordinary lengths to support our Clients to succeed. We provide them with unrivaled opportunities for growth and global impact.

We work with New Business Entrepreneurs, Start ups, Branch office, Representative / Liaison offices, Distance Representative Offices or personnel, offshore, small to medium companies …

Why Hire Business Consultants with Expert & Facilitative Approach?

IIt is often said that if you aren’t moving forward then you are moving backward. This statement is applicable to many aspects of life, and can also be applied to economies and businesses. If your business isn’t looking to the future, always searching for new opportunities than it may be missing out and risk shrinking.Business consulting professionals can help avoid these problems by providing a fresh perspective and outside opinion on the operations of any given business.Business consulting services are designed to provide fresh approaches and an outside opinion to business in an attempt to help them establish themselves, or re-establish themselves, in the marketplace. And those who provide business consulting services have years of experience and knowledge at their disposal.
No two businesses are the same. The challenges, opportunities, and structure of each company are in one way or another unique from its competitors and others. Since each business is different, a unique approach is required when any given business is trying to deal with a current problem or assess their viability in the future. The consulting industry exists to help businesses tackle these issues, but not every consulting job is going to be the same. Small business consulting is going to require a different approach and frame of mind compared to working with medium or big businesses.