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Navigating the Universe of Healthcare Technologies and Innovations


Healthcare is currently one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. The growth rate of healthcare is why we have developed a regional and international expert network, providing comprehensive business services for European and Asian companies. We serve as a bridge linking these companies with the Gulf Corporation Council and the Middle East; to all those involved in these industries and their related services.

Over the years, we have built a great network in several sectors and a wealth of experience, having provided our services to main government entities, semi-government entities, organizations, insurance providers, private equity firms specializing in healthcare investments, health IT companies, medical equipment, and pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors, private and public developers of healthcare facilities, medical research institutes, and medical practitioners.

We assist our clients in overcoming the challenges they face exploring the potential of new markets as they work to drive revenue and market innovation. Coming into the market becomes less demanding because we would have done all necessary research and provide the best market strategies and solutions.

We have performed a significant number of projects in cooperation with Government and Private sectors
  • Switzerland Global Enterprise
  • Swiss Health
  • The Swiss Business Hub GCC
  • The Swiss Consulate – Dubai
  • Switzerland Tourism GCC
  • Switzerland Medical Tourism
  • trAIDe – Germany
  • The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
  • Mittelstand Global Germany
  • Spain General Consulate – Tourism Office
  • Spain Cares – Madrid
  • Finland Health Tourism – Business Finland
  • Italy Intercare – Milan
  • Italy Destination Health
  • Croatia Medical Tourism
  • Croatian National Tourist Board
  • Barcelona Medical Destination
  • Thailand Medical Tourism
  • 92+ plus private sectors companies

Medical Devices Technology& Innovation

Medical& Wellness Tourism, Destination Management

AI, IoT Innovative Technologies

Genetics, DNA, Genomics Testing Innovations

Remote Patient Monitoring (Telemonitoring) Devices

3D Print Human Organs& Tissues

Overseas Expanding Healthcare Facilitates Business Operations

Stem Cell Approved Innovations

Our Healthcare Sub Sectors

Medical and Wellness Tourism Coordination

Designing successful Patients’ outbound personalized treatment programs

Healthcare Destination Management

Medical and Wellness Tourism Business and Destination Management Consultancies

We Will Support Your Business Growth and Success in GCC& MENA

We Offer Tailored Supportive Business Services

Pilot Projects Facilitation Government and Private Sectors

International Companies Local Representation and Agency – Project Base, Part-Time, Long-term Contract, Interm Contarcts

International Business Trade Delegations, Buyers Outbound, Business Missions, Trade Shows, B2B, and B2G Matchmaking, Investors Site Visits

Market Entry Strategy Focusing on Unique Value Proposition

Drafting, Advising, Reviewing Tenders, RFP, or Briefing following Local Laws and Regulations

Lead Generation & Deals Mediation Local Companies & Partners Identification