Royalty Consultants

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Medical and Wellness Tourism Coordination

We are well known among Royalty, Wealthy Communities& Government Entities for designing successful and private Patients’ outbound personalized treatment programs.

VIP Medical Travel

We cooperate with European  and Few Countries in Asia Centers of Excellence Hospitals, Medical Facilitates, Research Centers, and University Hospitals networks covering most major care medical specialties, offering the latest innovative treatments and technologies.

VIP Wellness Travel

We offer our clients Luxury Wellness Destinations with Exclusive and Personalized Journey to Rejuvenation with Healing and Prevention Programs.   Introducing, Unique Centers Offering Scientific Medical Approaches with Modern Technology and New Innovative Proven Methods Providing Real and Long-Term Health Benefits.

Medical Wellness and Rehabilitation Spas and Resorts

Addiction Rehab Centers (Private and Confidential)

Thermal Water Treatment Centers and Resorts

Exclusive Anti-aging Cosmetic Surgery Centers.

Unique Wellness Alternative Medicine Centers

Exclusively Yours

  • Personalized, Customized Treatment Plan
  • VIP Travel and Wellness Concierge
  • Private Jet and on the Ground VIP Transportation
  • Luxury Accommodation, Private Villas, and Estate Rentals
  • Special and Private care for Patients Companions

We Value your Privacy in all steps we take – learn more about our Medical and Wellness Tourism Plans, Destinations, and Medical Providers.