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Mediterranean Health Tourism – uprising potential

Croatia is mostly known internationally for the amazing natural Mediterranean beauty (1258 islands on the Adriatic sea close to beautiful mountain ranges) combined with the splendid continental features (national parks, green landscapes and beautiful towns). Google knows that. In August 2016, during high summer, Google statistics showed that Croatia was ranked No 1. as the World’s Most Desirable Tourism Destination in 80 countries and 52 languages.

Emirates airline company is probably following Google trends as they decided to start direct daily flights to Croatia (Dubai – Zagreb) beginning June 2017.

Something interesting is also happening in Croatia regarding the sector of Health Tourism. It seems that things have started rolling in the healthy direction.

There are several big health and medical events in 2017, one recently held successfully: the 7th HTI – Health Tourism Industry Conference in Rovinj. There are few more scheduled: in April – IMTJ – International Medical Travel Summit in Opatija, and in May – 10th ISABS Conference on Forensic and Anthropologic Genetics and Mayo Clinic Lectures in Individualized Medicine in Dubrovnik (partnering with Mayo clinic and bringing 5 Nobel prize winners as lecturers).

Combining beautiful landscapes and excellent know-how from the Croatian health sector with tourism? Great potential for collaboration.

Croatian medical universities are well known for educating excellent doctors who are recognized as hard workers and many of them have become worldwide known specialists like Tomislav Mihaljevic, MD, a heart surgeon, Harvard professor and CEO of Cleveland clinic in Abu Dhabi – UAE; Asim Kurjak, MD, a gynecologist specialized in ultrasound diagnostics living in Doha – Qatar, the President of International Academy of Perinatal Medicine and the director of Ian Donald Inter-University School of Medical Ultrasound; Dragan Primorac, MD, university professor in USA, Croatia and China, pediatrician, geneticist and forensic science expert living in Zagreb – Croatia.

Some Croatian medical experts, educated at Croatian universities, with further international education and experience, have decided to manage and open private clinics, polyclinics and special hospitals in Croatia. Several private hospitals and clinics are locally and partially internationally well known as desired destinations for orthopedics, heart surgery, ophthalmology, dental treatments, and rehabilitation. Recently, in Croatia was opened a private oncology policlinic with the most modern machinery for cancer treatments.

For example, the Bagatin Policlinic is a great choice for plastic surgery, dental treatments, dermatology and beauty treatments with incoming expat patients from Italy, Austria, Switzerland, USA, and Slovenia.

Croatian health tourism competitive advantages for GCC market: Croatia is member of EU – Schengen visa procedure, excellent know-how, cost effective, very desirable tourist destination, friendly and welcoming people, safe country, direct connection daily flights with Qatar Airways from Doha (Qatar) and direct daily flights with Emirates from Dubai (UAE) starting in June 2017.

Opportunities for the enhancement of Croatian health tourism offer: investments in higher class accommodation infrastructure, more government support and more marketing investments from the Croatian national tourism board. Recently, it seems that things are starting to change in the right direction.

For more specific information about Croatian health tourism you can contact us through our web pages dedicated to Health and Leisure vacations

Petar Galovic, Founder and CEO

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