Personalized Market Entry Plans For Smooth and Efficient Business Rolling ...

We are an International Market Entry Trade Promotion Experts with successful track record since 2012. Specialized in strategic and tactical support for International Small and Medium Enterprise (SME’s) .

We focus on assisting Foreign Direct Investors expanding businesses to GCC markets and bridging businesses by providing specific Business research-based market information clearing complex regulatory, economic, and cultural variables.

We offer personalized business and market entry support for European companies expanding their operations to UAE and the rest of the Gulf Corporation Council.

We work with our clients in the best way possible to achieve their business goals, obtaining sustainable and competitive advantage at investment in the local market.

Fulfilling our motto promise — “ Success for All “—is the key driver to everything we do.

Market Entry Trade Promotion

The best way to define market entry strategy; is by studying the opportunities, visiting the country, valuing the importance of local relationships, finding the right business partner…

We provide personalized business and trade promotion support for European companies expanding their operations, services, distribution to UAE and the rest of the Gulf Corporation Council. 

We offer companies cost advantage strategies, analyzing potential competitors and possible customers, trade barriers, localized knowledge, and export subsidies…etc. to successfully achieve increased sales, brand awareness and business stability if they enter a new market opening a world of opportunities to operate in a niche market.

We make sure your company is ready, through market intelligence and finding relevant business partners forming a winning strategy in place for a successful expanding journey. 

Local Business Representation

We work with International SME’s, Manufacturers and Suppliers on maintaining a local agent/ representative/ facilitator base developing business opportunities and follow up locally with cost effective measures.

We offer transparent trade representation, combining wealthy experience in international business development, rich and valuable company database, and essential research facilitating client success to GCC market with customized strategic roadmaps that outlines securing win-win business to all.

Services are provided according to the client’s business needs and scope of work on project, retainer, partner bases.

Corporate and Commercial Regulations

We provide actionable updated business data to be better-informed and take the right market entry decisions and evaluate your potential ROI.

Designing Tailor-Made Market Entry Plans for smooth& efficient business rolling and navigating any complex, government-wide challenges.

Our Main Focus Industries:


  • Healthcare and Medical Services
  • Medical Devices and Technologies, including Telemedicine, Telemonitoring, EHR, AI Technologies, Lab Testing (Genetics, DNA, Genomics)
  • Medical Tourism and Destination Management
  • Pharmaceuticals, Blockchain Supply Chain Management

Civil Security:

  • Civil Security and Cyber Security Solutions
  • Smart Cities and Urban Development
  • 3D Printing-Technologies
  • Aerospace & Aviation
  • Robotics


  • Clean Energy, Recycling and Water Technologies
  • Smart Buildings, Smart Metering, 3D-Construction
  • Agriculture Technologies, Urban and Vertical Farming, Irrigation Technologies

We have performed a significant number of projects in other Industries and Sectors based on our existing valuable network, offered to you on case-by-case basis discussing all possible options.


  • Federal Governments
  • Embassies & Consulates
  • Semi-Government Organizations
  • Industry Clusters / Associations
  • Trade Promotion Agencies
  • Export Bodies
  • Family Office
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • International SME’s, Manufacturers and Suppliers

Our Commercial and Legal Team Will Assist You All the Way

  • Local Protocol and business etiquette expertise.
  • Business support relating to various compliance laws.
  • Legal commercial implications expanding business to GCC.
  • Foreign business suitable entry strategy and business setup in UAE.
  • Local and international client’s business matchmaking and meditation.
  • Local Investor, partner and buyer identification, qualification, and selection.
  • Rules and Regulations to comply with the UAE laws and regulations in force.
  • Drafting, Advising, and reviewing Tenders and RFP in accordance with local laws and regulations.
  • Export/Import process and procedures, customs clearance regulatory approvals for GCC Countries and Iraq.

We Offer Personalized Supportive Business Services

  • Market Entry Strategy Focusing on Unique Value Proposition
  • International Companies Local Representation
  • Inbound Sales Lead Programs
  • Outbound Hosted Buyer Programs
  • Lead Generation& Deals Mediation
  • Local Companies& Potential Partners Identification
  • Opening a physical presence, Mainland, Free-zone, offshore
  • Partnering with a local business, such as franchising, licensing, joint venture, cross-manufacturing, co-production…etc
  • Government Tenders Business Full Support (Based on RFP or Briefing)
  • International Business Trade Delegations, Business Missions, Trade Shows, B2B and B2G matchmaking, Investors Site Visits

We offer you GCC and ME valuable contact and leads base, diversified experience with leading experts, customized solutions and strategies that fits your budget and business needs.

You can learn more about our market entry expertise, or get in touch to discuss a potential project.