Empower product specific and sector specific SMEs to enhance their delivery capabilities;
Management Consultancy

Do want to test the UAE Market before making the decision to open your overseas subsidiary? Need a representative on the ground in Middle East and GCC?

Your operation in UAE can be up and running immediately, with no need for major investments. Business costs rationalization using by hiring us on project base contracts…

To reach new markets and new consumers; To have access to a specific know-how and experienced professionals in the field of international commerce. -export and international trade expansion.

We offer below personalized business services to match your UAE projects needs.

  • Representation and administration support in UAE
    Legal services, consultancy in the fields of business, taxes, banking,..etc (through our partners)
    Company registration, opening bank accounts in UAE
    Accounting and bookkeeping services (through our partners)
  • Our portfolio of services include personalized assistance from the first approach to the market up to advisory and support for the execution of marketing strategies and business development. With our vast experience and reasonable representation services, our goal is to help you succeed in the UAE.
  • We provide professional assistance to long-term industrial or commercial initiatives as well as short-term endeavors, such as special events or exhibitions.
For more on our representation services, write to us. Today .

To ensure that you are successful in the global market it is important for your organization to build credibility with local customers and businesses. Without any connections in these new markets it would take you months to build a network.

Key Contact Identification
We will identify high growth and potential GCC enterprises that match your organization’s area of interest.

Local and International Business Meetings & Detailed Itinerary
One-on-one meetings or group presentations with key contacts could be arranged, to showcase your products, services and competitive advantage. We will provide you with a detailed schedule of meetings including name of contact and responsibilities, date and time of meeting, with all needed info.

Local and International In-Meeting Support
We can support with logistical arrangements, translation, interpretation and security, marketing collateral, delegation accommodation , transport …etc

Follow up & Long Term Hand Holding 
We will also support you with follow-up activities after completion of business meetings. We can also provide long term support – arranging additional meetings, drafting business proposals, negotiations and other allied services.

According to your requirements, we offer you a tailor-made service package to enable your smooth and efficient entry onto the market

We help organizations to improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and development of plans for improvement. SME’s organizations may draw upon the services of management consultants for a number of reasons, including gaining external (and presumably objective) advice and access to the consultants’ specialized expertise.We provide direction and guidance as well as hands on management in the most challenging international environments. Call us today to discuss how we can serve you in your expansion beyond the border.

Royalty Consultants understand the Local & International marketplace. The complexities keeps small businesses from venturing beyond their borders. Royalty Consultants was established to work with small to medium sized business for success on an international scale.

It has never been greater to cross borders in a business relationship than now. You need experience and relationships to succeed overseas. Royalty Consultants has the resources and relationships to navigate the international waters.

Market Research & Feasibility Study
Business Strategic Planning
Local Business Evaluation
Organization Review
Project Implementation & Management
Business Matchmaking
Business Marketing

Firms that employ an expert approach to business consulting provide clients with an “expert” opinion as it relates to their company and its position in the market place. A firm’s consultant will offer their expert opinion and advice to the client, often with little or no input from the client during the process.

We as Business management consulting firms are often structured in a manner that allows us to handle various specializations that different clients present us. Firms are often structured with one axis describing a function or type of consulting, while the other axis describes a business focus or specialization.

The formation of our business consulting firm allows us to employ individuals that can meet the needs of almost any client in need to establish a business.

Each business requires different approaches, but there are some constants that can be found in all services.

These include: & Developing a plan of action

Getting to know the business
Assessing problems and highlighting opportunities
Developing a plan of action
So, as business consulting firm we cannot help our clients unless we get to know everything about the client’s business needs. During that step, our consultants begins to discover the problems facing the company and learn what opportunities lay ahead in the future.We can take the knowledge gained to provide our client with a complete and high quality assistance, by supplying the following services.