Broader concept describes the general care for human health and various methods of prevention of illness.
Medical, Wellness & Recreation Tourism

The fastest growing outbound tourism sector within the Middle East is medical tourism – whereby people living in one country travel abroad to receive medical, dental or surgical & Wellness treatment .


Medical ,Wellness Tourism & Recreation Business Consultancies

For Providers If you are a medical tourism destination organization, doctor, hospital , medical center , health and wellness, spa or Rehab resort …then contact us Today.

Part of our services include gathering and presenting primary and secondary research about areas, destinations, ideas, products and services. We like to help our clients by researching and accessing relevant information to support sensible decision making.

Untitled-1Medical Tourism Market entry “ locally / internationally ”
Business representation in UAE – GCC.
Business/project Plan and execution.
Medical travel as a business – practical advice for improving profitability
Creating, Pitching and Organizing industry programs Inbound and Outbound.
Understanding special services and needs of a traveling patient
Introducing new products and featured itineraries to potential clients/ Investors.
Liaising with suppliers / Hospitals and hotels to finalize contracts …etc
Managing relationships with non-medical partners

Business Services include:
Patients sourcing methods
Business network facilitation
Industry FAM & Press Trip
Destination management and planning
Tourism strategies and development plans
Product and experience development
Policy analysis and advice
Strategic trail planning
Market analysis

Healthcare Marketing & Communications

Marketing and positioning of the services and profile of the business is critical to growth and survival in a constantly evolving market with a number of mature and experienced health providers. With our strong understanding of the local market, we can effectively deliver the following –

Untitled-2Solutions to improve effectiveness of marketing and promotions.
Marketing and brand positioning Strategies
Creating demand and visibility for hospitals and clinics i.e. new services and markets
Representation through public relations, events and conferences
Editorial write-ups and press releases …and distribution to Local/ Regional Media.
Design and implement Health Awareness and Prevention Programs for medium and large sized organizations