We Develop and draft investment presentations, business agreements and proposals.
Corporate Support

We Develop and draft investment presentations, business agreements and proposals.

With a broad range of knowledge on specific business functions, understanding how to resolve the business challenges faced by our clients.
We facilitate and assist clients in:

  • Feasibility studies, and project risk assessments
  • Selecting and engaging the consultant team
  • Project outsourced management services.
  • Optimizing the business parameters of the concept design
  • Facilitating project and construction finance
  • Facilitating project startups / Introduction
  • Coordinating authority submissions and approvals
  • Coordinating the design development on behalf of the client
  • Developing project strategy
  • Choosing the optimum project delivery system and contract
  • Coordinating preparation of bid and contract documents.
  • Policy outlines, design of documentation & procedures templates.

With local understanding and expertise in research and strategy development for healthcare services in the UAE, we offer the following services for existing and emerging businesses –


  • New business development and business transformation strategies
  • Research on opportunities assessment
  • Growth areas in healthcare considering health insurance reform
  • Growth strategy for new hospitals and clinics
  • Service planning for growth and expansion
  • Balanced scorecard framework for hospitals and clinics
  • Performance improvement solutions

International Trade delegations to Europe or to GCC :- We have the expertise to promote, manage and facilitate events for visiting delegations.

Networking events and product showcases Our Team will:

  • Provide a market and pre-visit briefing for the delegation.
  • Planning, coordination and support of business trips
  • Establishment of contacts to local companies/authorities/institutions
  • Work with you to promote the event to our business networks, and media.
  • Develop the agenda , coordinate all event-related promotional materials.
  • Source relevant guest speakers, and/or prepare and present a market overview and introduction.
  • Manage the event logistics on the day including catering, room and equipment set-up.

Business matching: Conduct a one-on-one meeting with an Local or International business interested in a particular delegate’s products or services.

With HR and Organizational Consulting we assist our clients to leverage talent search, preparing studies and consultancies concerning manpower planning as well as improving its performance through studying the problems encounter the employee…

Untitled-1Set Up of Business Operations
To help you run your business efficiently we will provide you with management consulting services such as recruitment, performance management, sales & marketing target definition, standard operating processes and service level agreements.

We Supervise Freelance/ Interim consulting teams by providing direction, establishing goals and projecting outcomes for improvement for business Idea to execution.

HR Policies and Procedures

We work on understanding each client’s unique work environment and culture, then develop specific manuals, guides, and implementation documents that meet the needs of the company, as well as satisfying ethical and proper business standards.

Your business should have a clearly defined strategy and set of objectives that direct and drive all the decisions made especially for taking decisions.


  • HR Documentation Structures for Business Start Ups
  • Design of Organizational frame work, process and procedures implementation.
  • Defining Job description, roles & responsibilities, KRAs and accountability for every position.
  • Revision and drafting of various procedural documents, procedures and templates.
  • Drafting and formulating legal documents and contracts such as; memorandum of association, employment contract etc.
  • Training & Support on Laws, Regulations and Policy Outlines

Company Re-Structuring

HR Audits and Analysis of Department Efficiencies/ Deficiencies
Identifying Corrective Actions

We Analyze and advice on projects for optimal performance and revenue meanly for small projects working collectively towards the best solution for the entire company with relation to current market trends, clients, competitors, etc.