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Wellness Tourism & Recreation

Health and wellness travel

Untitled-1The final trend that is informing the selection of activities and trip types by luxury travelers is a move towards health and wellness travel. It’s no longer just about getting away to a remote beach. Healthful activities and food are now being sought out – and not necessarily adventure travel. New spas, healthier menus, exercise, yoga and various levels of personal growth and health are now becoming core components for affluent travelers.

As in every form of travel, many medical travelers can also enjoy the various amenities available only
for the selected few. The labels for these services are numerous: luxury, high- or top-end, exclusive,
personal, etc. Luxury as we tend to know it has very identical qualities: rare, different, better quality and certainly

more expensive than the ordinary. Medical travel is not different.
High-end medical travelers look for special amenities and qualities. They want the best physician or
consultant (with the best reputation and medical qualifications); the most personal and tailor-made
services (personal chef, butler, car and driver, and nurses); and luxury accommodations (which can be
translated as the equivalent to a five-star hotel).

  • Healthy hotels and resorts
  • Spas and Rehab centers
  • Thermal resorts
  • Cosmetic surgery clinics
  • Cosmetic dental clinics
  • Sport & fitness services
  • Leisure and recreational spas

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